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April 21, 2019 Easter
Easter flowersMany people welcomed Easter morning, probably the most important feast day of the Christian calendar, on April 21. The flowers on the altar were lovely! Thank you so much to everyone who ordered them: they enhanced the worship service with their beauty and fragrance.

On Maundy Thursday, also called Holy Thursday, we had a service of Tenebrae commemorating the last three days of Jesus' life, in the church house before feasting on clam chowder, bread, and crackers, culminating in celebrating Holy Communion.

June 30 Pastoral Leadership
There will be a special meeting on June 30, following the service of worship, when the Council will present to the congregation a candidate to be our spiritual leader.

After much consideration the Council, guided by the Holy Spirit, has voted to call Letty Umidi to our congregation. She had been occupying the pulpit since January.

As we take the next step into the future, we look forward to growing and nurturing our church together.

June 30 Pastoral Council for Vita Hale
On June 30 at 3 pm the Oneida Association will convene an Ecclesiastical Council on behalf of Vita Hale who is seeking ordination to the ministry in the United Church of Christ. Members and pastors of churches around the Association including Deansboro UCC are invited, and needed to provide a quorum. Vita will speak about her call to ministry and understanding of the Gospel. There will be opportunity to ask questions and to hear her responses.

Three Steeples Church, Paris

March-April Church World Service kits
school kit
hygiene kit
This year, the Church World Service kits, the little packages of comfort and hope delivered to those caught in natural or man-made disasters, were organized and packaged by the Sunday School, coupled with contributions from members and friends of the church.

Completed were 51 school kits, 50 hygiene kits, and four clean-up buckets. The estimated value of the kits is almost $10,000, representing a huge contribution!

They will be shipped to the CWS warehouse in Maryland where they will be delivered whenever and wherever they are needed. The kits were dedicated April 14.

Kits ready for shipping
Hats off to everyone who helped!

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