Our Church's Wider Mission

Our Church's Wider Mission
(OCWM) is the money given by local congregations throughout the United States to fund the ministries of each Conference and the nation-wide ministries of the United Church of Christ.
  • Every UCC congregation is in partnership with the whole United Church of Christ when UCC members contribute to Our Church' s Wider Mission.
  • Every UCC congregation that gives to Our Church's Wider Mission touch lives around the world in the name of Jesus Christ
  • Each UCC congregation is urged to be a part of God's mission beyond the local community by contributing to OCWM.
  • With each church's participation, OCWM can come closer to fulfilling God's mission and every congregation can come closer to being all that God intends it to be.
  • To learn more about how your gifts to OCWM are used for ministry and mission in the national setting, visit the UCC website.
The above material on this page has been borrowed from the Penn South East Conference web page

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